About CYC Jewelry

Hello!  My name is Christine, and I am the owner, designer and creator of the handmade jewelry here at CYC Jewelry. Working with my hands to create things has always been very fulfilling for me. I invest my utmost with each and every piece. It is my goal to make beautiful and perfect pieces that others can enjoy.  I am especially in love with personalized pieces. I am always thinking of how I can be a positive force in the universe, and right now this is my way of being that: providing jewelry with meaning and a healthy dose of love.

Hand stamping is performed by using steel stamps and a hammer.  Each letter and design is an individual steel stamp, which is positioned by the artist by eye and impressed onto the metal by hitting the end of the stamp with a hammer.  This process is done with every single letter.  People love hand stamped jewelry for its more organic look and feel.  I aim for as much symmetry and perfection as possible with my pieces.

I am aware of how our actions impact our environment; I am also not a wasteful person by nature and upbringing, so I reuse and recycle  packaging materials as much as possible.  This has the added benefit of lowering certain costs without detracting from the overall experience.  

All the raw materials and components used in my jewelry making process, as well as the packaging, are purchased from sellers in the USA.  Many of these products are also made in the USA.  I am very proud and happy to be able to contribute in a sustainable way to the economy, since I firmly believe that the United States has always played and still plays an important part in the enormous task of attaining world peace and prosperity.

My family is happy to have me at home with them, and I am glad to have this opportunity to be there for them. This shop is also fundamental in offering me a creative outlet and some financial support for the family. At the moment I am doing almost everything (from purchasing supplies to packing and shipping to photographing pieces) myself, but my kids are showing an early interest in my "jewelries".  I wouldn't be surprised if one day they help me out here and there! 

I must also add:  I love sparklies!  

Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or concerns.  Click here to send me a message, or send an email to contact@cycjewelry.com.

Thank you for coming to my shop, and I hope you find something you love!