The Meaning of Green

Colors have all sorts of meanings in different cultures, and they certainly create some kind of reaction in us, whether consciously or unconsciously.  That is why we have, say, favorite colors, and why we feel more restful in a room painted a pale green versus a red one.

Green is one of my favorite colors (the others being blue and purple).  Green has widely spread meanings of nature, growth, ecology, fertility, health, freshness.... even money!  It is the most restful and relaxing color to the eye because of it spectral wavelength.  

Meaning of green in some cultures: 

In Christianity, it is associated with baptism and the feast of the Eucharist. It is the sacred color of Islam and a sign of respect and veneration.  You could say it is Ireland's "national color"!  Ireland is also called the Emerald Isle.  In England it has heroic meanings and is tied to stories of Robin Hood.  In Japan it signifies eternal life.  In China, green jade is prized.

Interesting facts about green: A relatively high portion of men are green/red colorblind and have difficulty distinguishing some greens.  The color green can help lift depression.

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